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SmarterMail, SmarterTrack, and SmarterStats are 3 products under SmarterTools. You probably heard about SmarterMail. one of the best Windows email server on the market. The impressive web-based email portal can easily replace any email client application. You need only an internet connection and popular browser, to send and receive emails, mark your meeting, drop a note or share your contacts with your co-workers.

SMARTERTOOLS The successful mail server software is version 16 and beta 17 now. We have sold other type of email servers software, SmarterMail is most stable, reliable and easy to manage. We have mail servers manage thousands of mailboxes and upgrade to a higher version is a breeze. You can buy perpetual or lease a license from us for the 3 products. We are flexible in this area. Customers with a higher budget, there are savings buying a perpetual license. Otherwise, a lease license might work better.

Purchase your SmarterTools license from us. You will get additional 10 percent savings. Also, it is important to buy from the experienced partner like us. We have done numerous integration and troubleshoot these applications as routine. The accumulated experience is value added.

Managing an online presence is simple with SmarterStats! Begin by analyzing web visitors to comprehend the reputation of an internet site or storefront. Then make use of Site Tuning to investigate that site, ensuring it’s performing effectively for visitors and users. Finally, Data Mining enables online marketers to dig deeper into internet logs, and website traffic data, to raised track and optimize general business goals.

SmarterTrack can be an online help desk which allows you to boost customer support while better-utilizing workers and lowering your general support costs. Deliver unparalleled customer support using a contact ticketing program, live chat, and VoIP integration. Plus, SmarterTrack includes a self-provider portal which includes a complete understanding base and a network for user-to-user interaction.

SmarterMail Professional Edition vs. Enterprise Edition

SmarterMail Professional Edition has all of the features required to host a fully-functional mail server. SmarterMail Enterprise Edition offers additional features, including:

  • Team workspaces

  • Group chat

  • Global Address List (GAL)

  • Failover functionality

  • Ability to mark a domain as hosted externally

  • Remote wiping of mobile devices

  • Support for auto-discovery

  • Scheduling Assistant support in Outlook for Mac (and future Outlook versions that support EWS)

  • Advanced collaboration: shared calendars, contacts, tasks and notes

  • LDAP support

  • Active directory authentication

  • Email and chat archiving for SOX, HIPAA or other regulatory requirements

  • Over-the-air synchronization for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows Phones

  • Two-way synchronization for Microsoft Outlook

  • Mailing list management functions

  • The ability to purchase and integrate one, or all, of the following licensed add-ons:

    • Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync for mobile and desktop (Outlook 13) synchronization

    • Microsoft Exchange Web Services for Apple desktop client synchronization (Outlook 11 for Mac, Apple Mail)